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Guided tours and free teaching workshops to the Gabriel Cualladó exhibition at La Nau

  • Office of the Vice-Principal for Culture and Sport
  • October 28th, 2019
Unes dones contemplen l'exposició sobre Gabriel Cualladó a La Nau.
Unes dones contemplen l'exposició sobre Gabriel Cualladó a La Nau.

As reason of the exhibition “Gent i llocs. Gabriel Cualladó en la col·lecció de l’IVAM” (People and places. Gabriel Cualladó in the IVAM collection), which can be visited in the Sala Academia of Centre Cultural La Nau until December 8th, the Universitat de València offers guided tours and free teaching workshops in order to strengthen the creativity of the people and to go in depth in the expressive process based on personal experiences.

The Centre Cultura La Nau presents around two hundred photographs of Gabriel Cualladó in the exhibition “Gent i llocs”. In them, the artist reflects details of people and places that have been part of his life through the portrait. The reserved gestures and movements that he captures with his lens show the strength and poetics hiding in this genre. Due to this double facet of width and proximity that causes the Cualladó work, the Universitat offers activities for everyone from six years old that expect encourage the interaction with the work and the development of the expressive capacity.

The free guided tours, as well as the teaching workshops, look for introducing the public into a dynamic path through the Gabriel Cualladó show to know better his work and the impact of the historical and social context. The visits will be adapted to each group, which can be schools, high schools, adults centre or associations, as well as any person that set up a visit.

Also, on October 30th and November 27th, at 7:00 p.m., the exhibition commissioner, Álvaro de los Ángeles, will guide the free tour. If you want to participate in the guided tours and free teaching workshops in the Gabriel Cualladó exhibition at La Nau, you need to send an e-mail to visites.guiades@uv.es In the case of the guided tour with the exhibition commissioner, sign-up in the web (link here).  

 Regarding the teaching workshops, the Universitat de València increase the proximity to the exhibition “Gent i llocs” to the people by the mediation project: “A través del espejo” (Through the mirror). This one includes a free creative workshop for the same range of age as the guided tours and this will take place also at Centre Cultural La Nau. The main activity of the workshop will be comment the work of Cualladó and re-build the concept of portrait from an object that will pretend to be a camera. With wood and translucent elements such as methacrylate, and making use of the gesture and the drawing as expression channels, the participants will explode their creative capacity when they capture the reality through their own experience. The teaching action will be focused on the valuation of the artistic process beyond the final result, in addition to encourage the teamwork and the empathy.