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How to become a volunteer

How to become a volunteer

You can be a volunteer if you are:

  • Registered students in one of the three stages of any degree.
  • A Student of Nau Gran.
  • A UV professor. (Teaching and researching staff)
  • Administrative and Service Staff
  • Member of the collective Alumni UV / Amics and Antics Alumnes of the Universitat de València.

For being a volunteer you have to:

  • Attend the previous training phase. The training phase is divided in two parts: (1) The workshop of General Voluntary work that Sedi organises each course and (2) the specific course of cultural volunteering. Those interested who cannot access from the beginning will be included in a waiting list.
  • Have a good command of Valencian.
  • Taking into consideration that the registration in the programme means the commitment to participate in the different activities that are proposed, once finished the training phase, depending on the availability of the voluntary period. Those who are interested and have not been able to access since the beginning will be included in a waiting list that will be activated depending on the necessities of the programme.

For participating in the programme of cultural volunteering it is necessary to complete the application form.