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Behaviour and cohabitation rules

Basic rules

A series of basic rules are established so that the Summer School works properly and the welfare of the children and members of the team is achieved.

  • Respecting playmates, teachers, materials and infrastructures in the activities carried out at the facilities of the Universitat de València as well as in other places that are visited during the trips.
  • Following the basic rules of cohabitation that have been established for each group of children.
  • The collaboration of the family.

The collaboration of the family

Given that the educational task is responsibility of the family and the educative institutions, and that La Nau for Children is not only a playful project but also pedagogical and co-habitational, we ask the parents for their collaboration before and during the development of the Summer School, particularly because of the necessity of dealing with a series of behaviours of the children in a short period of time in which the team of La Nau will not be able to go in depth with the features and personal situation of each child.

Consequently, we ask the parents to collaborate with the teachers to keep a smooth communication about the daily behaviour of the children. Parents should also comment and support at home the rules that have been established.

Agreed rules

The basic cohabitation rules will be agreed by the children of the different groups. They will be adapted to different ages.

Equally, the children will establish the consequences that derive from not obeying these rules. The rules will be explained to the parents once they have been approved by the groups.
All the rules will include basic summaries to be discussed and agreed by the children.

  • Relationship between the playmates
  • Relationship with the teachers and instructors
  • Use of materials and infrastructures
  • Participation in activities.
  • Behaviour in the trips
  • Behaviour in the dining room

In order to make the compliance of these rules easier, the teachers will use pedagogical methodologies to promote the good behaviour, the positive attitude and their participation in different activities.

Proceedings in case a rule is breached 

In case that there are rude behaviours of a particular child, the proceeding applied by the teachers and the coordinators will be the following:

  • Individual and collective reflection of the teachers, depending on what has been made by one or more members of the team.
  • Cancellation of specific activities (individually or in group)
  • Agreeing a joint measure between the parents and the teachers.
  • Exceptionally, and after it has been discussed with the parents, the coordination team will be able to call of the assistance to La Nau for Children for a specific period of time