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Objectives and methodologies

About La Nau dels Xiquets i de les Xiquetes

La Nau dels Xiquets i de les Xiquetes is a summer school organised by the Universitat de València, during the month of July want to transform the university space in a ludic educational framework for children between 5 and 12 years old. The school can be defined from the objectives marked as fundamentals to developing the project, and, somehow or other, are the objectives that fix the Universitat de València in the Statutes.

Generals objectives

  • To promote the use of the language.
  • To foment the education in the peace, the tolerance, as well as the democratic values and the social participation,
  • To know the varied university institutions.
  • To sensitize the child about the environmental protection.
  • To know the cultural manifestations and the historical and cultural heritage of the Valencian Community and Valencia city.

Pedagogical, playful and educational objectives

  • Introduce the child in the activities of the project of the school in a participative and integrating way.
  • To promote and diversify the possibilities and expression forms of the children, from a point of view linguistic, corporal, plastic, etc.
  • To promote, combining playful activities and experiences, the development of the leisure time of the children.
  • To promote the health education through attitudes and eating, sports, environmental habits, etc.
  • To promote the occupation of the free time and learn how to use it in a constructive way, creating and knowing the resources that involve us.
  • To be able to value ourselves as infants, and value other, as well as the environment and the own culture.
  • To promote the developing of our own independence, the participation in the group and social life, and the capacity to reflect in a critic way.

Working methodology

  • The methodology used for the school's work team is based in the following issues:
  • Use of the play and of playful dynamics such as basic tool for the occupation of the time of the constructive training.
  • Use of the play and of playful dynamics such as basic tool for significant learning.
  • Elaboration of thematically activities focused on various leading wires of every edition.
  • Elaboration of activities keeping as a point of reference the experiences, the abilities and the knowledge previously acquired by infants
  • Adaptation of the activities to the needs and characteristics of each age group for which they are intended
  • Use of the cooperative game, work team and democratic participation as a basic tools.
  • To promote the participation and the interaction between the various members of the group.
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