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The registration period for the 4th ‘Paisaje, turismo e innovación' congress is now open

Pasarel·la del Serpis (Foro: Miquel Francés)

Schedule: From 25 october 2019 to 11 november 2019. Monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday and sunday at 00:00 to 23:00.




This congress (Landscapes, tourism and innovation) revolves around tourism plans as instruments for the development and promotion of Valencian heritage. This event aims to be a space for reflection and sharing, as well as offering keys for the proper promotion and evaluation of these plans.

This congress is aimed to teachers, researchers, workers and public agents, associations, companies and general public.  We hope that this attractive initiative will be of your interest.

Organized by:

La Universitat de València a través del vicerrectorado de Proyección Territorial y Sociedad, en el marco del Convenio de colaboración subscrito por Turismo Comunidad Valenciana y la colaboración del Centro de Gandia.



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