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The Cultural Volunteering of the Universitat de València was founded in 1998 by the Office of the Vice-Principal and the General Foundation of the Universitat de València. It is the perfect way of making the university community involved in the commemoration of the 500 anniversary of the institution in 1999. In this celebration, cultural volunteers performed a very important task of support to all the activities that were programmed: congresses, talks, conferences, shows, theatre performances, concerts, exhibitions... In addition, they were the guides of the building of La Nau, which had been renovated for the occasion and some of the spaces had been relocated and designed to fulfil its new cultural purposes. Because of the great results that were obtained when the activities finished in 2000, it was decided to maintain the programme redirecting and updating the contents. Since then, cultural volunteers are in charge of the guided visits to La Nau: they show the building explaining its architectonical, historical and cultural characteristics; as well as the evolution of the institution since it was founded in 1499 and the most important personalities that were part of its history in 5 centuries. On the other hand, they are also responsible of the organisation of the guided visits and the didactic workshops at the temporal exhibitions carried out in the different spaces of the building. They collect very diverse proposals such as the heritage collection, the university memory, the contemporary creation, the projects linked to university research, the social and cultural commitment, the collaboration with initiatives of humanitarian nature, support private collections and disseminate the local culture.

The volunteering programmes offer the students the opportunity of having a wider training and a personal, social and university involvement that goes beyond of what is strictly academic. In the academic course 2002-2003, the students of La Nau Gran were allowed of joining this cultural activity. Later, this was also extended to Alumni UV.

The incorporation of new members is the result of a dissemination campaign that takes place each October simultaneously to the academic year and after receiving previous training.

In the last 15 years, 150 people - most of them students of all the degrees and the Nau Gran - have been involved in the Cultural Volunteer programme.  More than 40,000 have known the most emblematic building of the Universitat thanks to cultural volunteering, and more than 65,000 have attended the temporal guided visits. They have come from schools, congresses, associations...

In December 2006, the Principal of the Universitat de València gave the Cultural Volunteering the Award of the Universitat.