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Coronavirus Information

As the Spanish government declared the state of emergency, the GENERAL FOUNDATION OF THE UNIVERSITAT DE VALÈNCIA (FGUV) follows the measures and instructions of the UV Principal as well as the recommendations of the healthcare authorities. FGUV is committed to the common purpose of stopping the spread of COVID-19 and, thus, minimizing its consequences.

In light of the abovementioned facts, all in-class and on-site activities that were offered to our visitors within our facilities are suspended.

Nevertheless, we continue working to provide the services of the Universitat de València to the best of our abilities.

The following list includes the updated contact details of our services that remain active (updated on 02/04/2020):

[Since the corporate phones have been changed for non-corporate private phones of the Foundation staff, we cannot offer a precise schedule of working hours, so we count on your understanding of the issue. In any case, we kindly ask you to contact us by e-mail].

The FGUV is grateful for your interest and collaboration.