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The new season of the Employment Forum will bring 300 companies to the Universitat de València

  • Fundació General UV
  • September 29th, 2022
The 21-22 Science Forum at the Burjassot Campus.
The 21-22 Science Forum at the Burjassot Campus.

The new season of the Employment Forum of the Universitat de València, which will take place in the academic year 2022-2023, will bring together 17 centres and faculties, and around 300 companies. Organised by UVocupació (UVjob), through the Office of the Vice-Principal for Lifelong Learning, Teaching Transformation and Employment, it will begin on 18th October at the Faculty of Teacher Training (Tarongers Campus).

With the aim of promoting quality employment and offering a unique opportunity to put students and graduates of the Universitat de València who are looking for a professional opportunity in direct contact with companies, the Forum is a face-to-face event where, through talks, workshops and round tables, companies and entities present their organisations and inform about the profiles demanded by the labour market.

The Forum is a space which, in collaboration with the different university centres, responds to a specialised organisation by professional sectors, thus covering companies and entities from teaching, education, scientific and technical research, health, law, legal-administrative, technological, sports medicine and physiotherapy, communications, etc.

Last academic year, the Forum of the University of Valencia attracted the interest of around 300 business organisations and public and private social entities, being held in 17 faculties and schools with an offer of 260 jobs, and was visited by around 2,300 students (the number of people registered in the different days).

This year, a similar, if not greater, number of participants is expected, starting at the Faculty of Teacher Training on 18th October. This will be followed by the Pharmacy Forum on 2nd November; and in the second four-month period, meetings will be held in Social Sciences on 30th January; in the Faculty of Physical Activity and Sport Sciences on 1 February; in Law on 15th February; at Blasco Ibáñez the Health Sciences Forum on 17th February; at Geography and History on 23rd February; at Philosophy and Education Sciences on 28th February; at the Burjassot-Paterna Campus the Science Forum on 30th March; and at the ETSE School of Engineering on 27th April. The Philology, Translation and Communication Forum is also scheduled to take place at the same Faculty.

Those interested in participating can find all the information on the Forum's website at: