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The UV’s Autoretrat o doble digital exhibition arrives at the Cartagena ARQVA

  • University Culture Service
  • June 6th, 2024
The Cartagena National Museum of Subaquatic Archaeology (ARQVA).
The Cartagena National Museum of Subaquatic Archaeology (ARQVA).

The Cartagena National Museum of Subaquatic Archaeology (ARQVA) is hosting the Autoretrat o doble digital exhibition until 22 June, created by artists Clara Boj and Diego Díaz. The itinerant UV’s exhibition by the Office of the Vice-Principal for Culture and Society arrives at the Cartagena ARQVA, after being inaugurated last summer at the La Nau Cultural Centre.

The Autoretrat o doble digital (Self-portrait or digital double) exhibition poses a provocative question: in the selfie era, what does a self-portrait really mean? By playing with the ambiguity of the conjunction ‘or’, the exhibition encourages the audience to question whether the self-portrait and the digital double are mutually exclusive concepts, or whether they can be interpreted as similar or even identical.

‘Self-portrait’ is the pictorial sub-genre that invites us to reflect on our image and identity, expressing our subjectivity through physical features and symbolic elements. On the other hand, ‘digital double’ represents a person’s digital profile, built from their digital footprint on the web, revealing interests, preferences, habits and behaviours.

The exhibition began as a research project in 2017. For seven years, Boj and Díaz have been exploring their own digital footprints, investigating how this data is stored, who owns it, and how it is used.

Clara Boj and Diego Díaz have been working together since 2000. They are known for their interdisciplinary approach to art, science and technology. Their work has been displayed internationally in prestigious art centres and festivals, and they have received awards such as the Alfons Roig Grant and the Leonard Grant for Researchers and Cultural Creators from the BBVA Foundation.