Gaceta Internacional de Ciencias Forenses
Gazeta Internacional de Ciências Forenses / International Gazette of Forensic Sciences

ISSN 2174-9019




The role of forensic sciences has increased dramatically year after year. Precisely for this reason, some questions arise:


·       Always be properly applied?

·       Are there scientific answers to all the questions raised at the Forum, in the courts?

·       Do the Judges that forensic scientists, have serious limitations in their opinions?

·       What is the level of uncertainty in expert evidence?

The aim of the Gazette is hosting the opinion, experience and research of all those who, directly or indirectly, develop their activities in relation to the Administration of Justice.

Without being exhaustive, in The Gazette will be published articles that deal about Forensic Medicine, Law in its various branches, Forensic Psychiatry and other medical specialties with similar auxiliary function of justice, Forensic Psychology, Forensic Science in the broadest sense - Chemistry, Physics, Biology ... - Forensic Anthropology, Forensic Odontology, Forensic documents examination, Forensic Statistics, Computer Forensics ...



Brief, usually invited comments on any aspect of any interest in forensic science .

Open forum

With the only limitation imposed by respect for others, a space opens to the controversy, for controversy.


Comprehensive treatment of a single theme

Original Articles

Research work in its fullest sense.

Gallery of cases

Exhibition case - or - collection cases that contribute to general knowledge.

Professional Issues

Exhibition, labor, economic ... ethical conflicts that may arise in the course of forensic science, as well as legislative changes that may affect forensic science practice.

New acquisitions

Forensic Science in the Red

Announcement of Scientific and courses in the field of Forensic Science Meeting.