Gaceta Internacional de Ciencias Forenses
Gazeta Internacional de Ciências Forenses / International Gazette of Forensic Sciences

ISSN 2174-9019



The Gazette publishes collaborations either Spanish, Portuguese or English which will be free access from the website of the journal (


Revision Process


All papers submitted to the GICI will undergo a review process, which will involve at least two independent referees. Confidentiality regarding the identity of authors and reviewers will be maintained all times.

Communication between the two is established through editors who will have the responsibility of inform the authors of the review process.




Conditions for publication

Articles must be original but can accept those that have been published as an abstract in scientific meetings.


Submission of manuscripts

All manuscripts should be forwarded by email to any of the following directions:






The "subject", must contain the words "Manuscript for GICF" and the text to send, the job title and name of authors. Also must be specified that the evaluation of the work for publication is requested.

Likewise shall be declared that the article has not been previously published and will not be sent to another journal while is revised by GICF.


Preparation of manuscript

Manuscripts should be submitted in MSWord, using the more simplified format possible.

The first page should include:


Title: In spanish (or the original language of text ) and English

Authors: Full name, academic degree, institution and email address. Likewise shall be indicated which of them is responsible for correspondence.

Following the recommendations of the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE) specified in, the participation in the investigation of each of the authors, should be detailed.

According to the requirements specified by the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors ( ) it should also specified, if applicable, information about financial or other relationships that could give rise to conflicts of interest.


In reference to the ethical and legal considerations, the Gazette adheres to the standards and recommendations of the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors ( Consequently, when reporting experiments on human subjects, must be indicated whether the procedures followed were approved by Ethics committees in accordance with the Helsinki Declaration. Authors must be declared that permissions form Ethics committees for develop their experiences, and the procedure for informed consent from subjects research, have been obtained.


Second page must includes the abstract and keywords (both original and English language)


The abstract should include the background, objectives and conclusions. It should also specify the interest and novelty of the study.

Keywords must be selected from the medical subject headings (MeSH) list of Index Medicus (


The following pages will contain the text of the work.  Because GICF is an on-line publication -following international trends-, there is no space limitation.

Given the significant difference of disciplines that Forensic Sciences include, the Gaceta not require a predetermined structure. However, citations should be written as the following examples:


a) Articles in Journals: Castelló A, Francés F, Verdú F. DNA Evidence Uncompromised by Active Oxygen. TheScientificWorldJOURNAL 2010;10:387–392

b) Book: Verdú F. What does the Pathologist say?. CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. Spain, 2012

c) Chapters in a book: Castelló A, Verdú F: Lip Prints: Past, Present and Future en “Forensic Science”. NOVA Publishers. EEUU, 2012, pp .XXX-XXXX

d) Doctoral Thesis: Castelló A. A Critical review of presumptive tests in bloodstain investigations: False negatives in Adler's test—An application of forensic chemistry. Doctoral thesis, University of Valencia, Spain, 1997.

Number references consecutively in the order in which they are first mentioned in the text where must appear in parentheses.


The responsibility for the content of papers rests with the authors.

The manuscript must be accompanied by copies of any permission to reproduce published material, illustrations or report sensitive personal information about identifiable persons, or to name persons for their contributions.

The anonymity of such patients or victims and their families must be conveniently protected.