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Area for occupational risks prevention

The Prevention Area counts with four units specified in the regulations of the prevention area:

  • Health in the workplace.
  • Safety in the workplace.
  • Industrial hygiene.
  • Ergonomics and applied psycho-sociology.

All units will be coordinated to:

  • Evaluate and control the factors that may be a risk for health and safety.
  • Promote prevention: training, information and counselling to the university community on the subject of prevention.

Activities of prevention specialties

a) Occupational medicine

  • Campaigns for health promotion
  • Health examinations
  • Assistance activities through health offices
  • Assistance of occupational accidents
  • Provision of first-aid kits

b) Safety in the workplace.

  • Emergency plans of the University of Valencia’s buildings.
  • Fires and fires extinction.
  • Signalling of buildings.
  • Safety in laboratories and facilities.
  • Risks related to electricity.
  • Prevention and protection measures
  • Investigation of accidents and suggestion of corrective measures.

c) Industrial hygiene.

  • Control of the disinfection, disinsectisation and rat extermination treatments.
  • Evaluation of chemical agents exposure. Toxicology in the workplace.
  • Noise pollution and vibrations.
  • Ionising and non-ionising radiations.
  • Appropriate ventilation of the facilities.
  • Biological agents: professional diseases produced by living agents.

d) Ergonomics and applied psychology

  • Working environmental conditions: noise, illumination, thermal comfort, pollution, etc.
  • Conception and design of workstations: equipment and furniture, space, position, etc.
  • Physical and mental workloads: social environment and personal factors.