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The HRS4R strategy (HR Strategy for Researchers) is a mechanism established by the European Commision to support Research Institutions in implementing the principles of the European Charter for  Researchers and Code of Conduct for the Recrutiment of Researchers ( C&C):

  • The European Charter for Researchers brings a series of principles together that deal with the rights and responsabilities of researchers and Reseach Institutions.
  • Its goal is to foster the creation and communication of technological progress and knowledge, as well as researchers’ professional development. It acknowledges all forms of mobility as a means of achieving this development.

The Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Hiring Researchers is comprised of a series of general principles and demands that must be followed by the Research institutions when appointing or hiring researchers.

The C&C contains 40 principles that are grouped together in four areas: Ethical Aspects, Recrutiment, Work conditions and Training.

The correct implentation of C&C makes institutions and national research systems more attractive to reseachers, thus contributing to the development of the European employment market and the consolidation of the European Research Area.

Those institutions committed to implementing the principles of C&C, by following the guidelines of the HRS4R strategy, will be awarded the distinction “HR Excellence in Research” by the European Commission.

The “HR Excellence in Research” award identifies universities and institutions that create and support a stimulating and favourable environment for research.