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Results of the pre-registration of Degree 2020-2021

Calendario de preinscripción

Schedule: From 27 july 2020 to 28 july 2020. Monday and tuesday at 00:00 to 21:57.


Place: Online


The results of the first phase of pre-registration for the UV Grades are now available.

Students who have been admitted must formalise their new enrolment and enrol in the same order in which they have been admitted by pre-enrolment. The faculties and schools of the University appoint the new students one day and one hour at the end of July. You can find the appointment at

In the case of being on the waiting list, the student must indicate on-line that he/she is interested in remaining on the waiting list.

The adjudication of places to students on the waiting list will take place on 2, 7 and 9 September. After each adjudication, if you have not been admitted, it is necessary to indicate again that you are still interested.

All the information is available with the instructions for the new enrolment, which is carried out online on the day and time assigned on 29, 30 and 31 July 2020 if you have been admitted in the pre-enrolment..The remaining places for July pre-enrolment after the resolution of the waiting lists are those offered in September pre-enrolment. 

Due to the delay in the tests for those over 25 and 45, the reservation of places in September is maintained under the same conditions as in July.

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Universitat de València.



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