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I International Conference "On-line sexual offending: Research and intervention challenges" 8-9 May 2018

  • May 8th, 2018
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As technologies evolve, so do the methods used by criminals to commit their crimes; that is the way most of sexual crimes have been gradually transferred to the Internet. Online sexual offending is a phenomenon that worries modern societies, as it victimizes the most vulnerable citizens: minors. It is a problem with a global dimension that demands international and interdisciplinary solutions.

This conference aims to create a space for meeting, reflection and analysis on a growing criminal typology. To this end, we will have the interventions of experts on the subject (national and international), who will transfer the reality of this phenomenon from a psychological, police, legal and criminological point of view. Likewise, the opportunity will be offered to other academics to present their work.

Congress Committee: Enrique Carbonell Vayá, Clara Viana Ballester, Virginia Solidino Garmendia.

Academic Secretary: Nerea Jusue Moñino, Virginia Soldino Garmendia, María Sánchez Vilanova, Lucía Jover Peiró.

The Congress is organized by Institute of Criminology and Criminal Science, Faculty of Law and Proyecto I+D+i GV2017/154 "La libertad vigilada: fundamentos político-criminales y aplicación práctica"