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Unprecedented success for the UV Bioinformatics master’s degree

  • June 30th, 2020

The Universitat de València has one of the most widely accepted master’s degrees in Bioinformatics in Spain.

This year we have broken the record with a pre-enrolment of 205 students from 16 different countries.

The School of Engineering (ETSE) of the UV has one of the most important master's degrees of our University. This academic year, 205 students from 51 different universities have pre-enrolled. The UV is the one that has had the most pre-enrolments with a total of 61 students, followed by the UPV with 17 and very close to the Universities of Seville and Alicante, both with 12 pre-enrolled students.

The students come from 16 different countries. The master's degree is coming along very well in South America, with a total of 8 countries that have students on the pre-enrolment list.

The Master has an excellent teaching staff, most of them are leading researchers in Bioinformatics related topics. Many of them are researchers at I2SysBio, a joint UV-CSIC research institute, where 5 of them have obtained funding to work against COVID-19.

One third of the teaching staff is external, experts with recognised prestige in their lines of research.