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The ConesaLab group joins INB and ELIXIR

  • May 12nd, 2023
Ana Conesa
Ana Conesa

The National Institute of Bioinformatics (INB) and the European bioinformatics infrastructure ELIXIR incorporate the Genomics of Gene Expression group led by Ana Conesa at the Institute for Integrative Systems Biology I2SysBio.

The INB is a virtual and decentralized institute whose mission is to coordinate, integrate and develop bioinformatics in Spain, as well as to act as a node of ELIXIR, a European strategic infrastructure in the field of computational biology that maintains the most important bioinformatics resources and molecular databases in Europe. The ELIXIR network brings together research groups from 23 countries and more than 250 research centres.

INB member groups are selected through a competitive process that selects those groups that develop quality bioinformatics tools for the scientific community. The process involves the evaluation of the applications by ELIXIR. In the case of the Genomics of Gene Expression (ConesaLab) research group at the Institute for Integrative Systems Biology I2SysBio, the selection is motivated by its role in the pioneering development of tools for the analysis of third-generation sequencing data, also called long-read or single-molecule sequencing.

According to Ana Conesa, CSIC research professor and principal investigator of the group now incorporated to INB and ELIXIR, «this integration represents not only the recognition of the scientific quality of our work in computational biology, but also an opportunity to be an active member in the strategic design and future development of national and European bioinformatics infrastructures». In addition, it is noteworthy that, in this update of the groups that make up the INB, now consisting of 26 research teams from 16 different institutions, three new CSIC researchers have joined, so that this institution will have a total representation of five institutes, including the I2SysBio, a reflection of the quality of research in bioinformatics that is performed in the CSIC. The I2SysBio is a joint centre between CSIC and the Universitat de València.

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