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The Institute's Equality Commission starts its work

  • November 23rd, 2022
I2SysBio Equality

The Institute for Integrative Systems Biology has set up its Equality Commission with the aim of implementing the necessary measures to ensure that the center is always a working environment of maximum respect for all the people who carry out their professional activity there.

Among the short-term objectives of the Commission is the elaboration of its own Equality Plan, within the framework of the plans of the institutions co-owning the center, the III Equality Plan of the University of Valencia and the III Equality Plan of the CSIC, as well as the dissemination to all staff of the Protocol of Action against situations of sexual harassment, harassment on grounds of sex and other discriminatory harassment.

The Equality Commission is made up of six people who represent in a balanced way the different professional groups of the institute, the staff of both institutions and the different ages, with an adequate representation of men and women.

As a first action of the Equality Commission, all the staff is invited to participate in the different activities programmed in the surroundings of the Science Park of the University of Valencia on the occasion of the celebration of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, Friday 25th November, and in particular to a 5 minute concentration that will take place at the main entrance to Building IV, headquarters of our institute, at 12:30.