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At the Biotechnology and Synthetic Biology lab of the Institute Integrative System Biology I2SysBio we work on different aspects of applied microbiology and in one of the newest scientific disciplines, Synthetic Biology. This can be defined as an approach to biotechnology with engineering principles. On that framework, we perform bioprospection in extreme natural or artificial environments, searching for bacteria, genes and enzymes with potential industrial developments. The group has experience in NGS techniques applied to determine the taxonomic profile of natural samples as well as their metabolic and functional traits by metagenomics analysis. Microbial communities adapted to extreme conditions studied by members of the group include solar panels and two-stage reactors for biogas production. Other focus of our group is in studying, through computational modeling, how genome information translates into metabolic and ecological traits in microbial communities.  We also contribute to the discussion on standards in Synthetic Biology, as well as to historical, philosophical, and sociological aspects of the field.


Research lines (key words)

Bioprospection of harsh environments

Standards in Synthetic Biology

Minimal cells

Metabolic modeling and evolution

History of ideas on the natural origin and artificial synthesis of life



I2SysBio building, Lab 3.1