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I2SysBio offers thanks to its multidisciplinary composition a consultancy service that provide biotechnological solutions to the companies and the groups that require our help or technical opinion to deal with the projects, processes or any other R&D activity in the sector of biotechnology, especially in the fields of industrial and environmental biotechnology.

The experience of the researchers of I2SysBio in managing and developing projects and R&D initiatives alongside with cutting-edge knowledge and infrastructures of biotechnological research at regional, national and international level allow us to give advice comprehensively about how to address the development of a product or biotechnological service that requires a R&D activity for its implementation.

I2SysBio also offers the possibility of giving support to the companies in their negotiations with other companies or groups of research in terms of acquiring technology or implementing biotechnological processes or developing R&D activities, analysing the viability of the offers.

I2SysBio offers to the companies the possibility of brainstorming in order to address biotechnological solutions that are still in the first phases of research or need innovative or disruptive approaches.