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The Innovation Unit “Sinnbiosis” (Innovative Solutions for Systems Biology) has been created thanks to the project (INNTA1 / 2020/9) granted for the Promotion of Innovation Agents (Innoagents) by the “Agencia Valenciana de Innovación” (AVI) within the Program for the Promotion of Talent of the Plan GenT 2020/21 call.

The Sinnbiosis Unit aims to promote the application of global and multidisciplinary approaches provided by Systems Biology for the generation of innovative biotechnological solutions to the social and economic challenges that are posed to the institute.

The objective of the Unit is to establish communication bridges with companies in the biotechnology sector that are interested in exploiting the results of the research developed at the institute or that require our help for the development of R&D&I projects, at regional, national or international levels. This attempts to respond to our vocation to manage all the human and technological resources at our disposal in the most efficient manner to speed up the generation of innovative solutions to the questions or needs that companies can propose.

The Innovation Unit is coordinated by Prof. José Luis García and has Dr. Carla Rubio as the Innovator Agent.

Contact: Dr. Carla Rubio Villena. E-mail

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