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I2Sysbio has some infrastructures and equipment that are available for the researchers for the development of R&D projects in public and private entities.

IT Unit for the processing and storage of data (CPD)

I2Sysbio has a new Data Processing Centre (CPD). Now I2SysBio has a data storage system globally distributed of 2.3 Petabytes (PB) of gross capacity formed by 13 nodes of interconnected storage by means of a network system of 70 Gigabit (Gb) added broadband. The computer performance is given by last generation 520 cores of Intel Xeon (Cascade Lake) processors and 16.2 Terabytes (TB) RAM. This allows analysing big data, mainly in the field of Biology of Systems and Computational Biology.

This infrastructure has been partially financed by the project EQC2018-004319-P of the Ministry of Science, Universities and Innovation co-financed by funds from the European Regional Development Program (ERDF)).

Climatic chambers

I2Sysbio has 9 climatic chambers with temperature, humidity and illumination control. 5 of them are intended for plant cultivation, 2 for insect cultivation and 2 for bacteria cultivation. In addition, it has 3 additional climatic chambers for works that require low temperatures (-20oC to 5oC)

Virology laboratory of biological containment NCB2 (level 2)

I2Sysbio has a NSC2 fully equipped facility of 140 m2 in which they can work with pathogenic viruses that require a level 2 of containment.

Bacteriological laboratory of biological containment NCB2 (level 2)

Under construction

Optical tools

I2SysBio has several optical equipment for biological work: Binocular loupe of fluorescence, Reader of plaques (fluorescence, UV-Vis), Reader of plaques for cultivation (UV-Vis), photo documentation machine (UV, chemiluminescence, visible), Bioanalyses, quantitative PCR, Nanodrop, inverted fluorescence microscope, double-beam UV-VIS spectrophotometer.