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I2SysBio provides solutions to the problems that occur in different sectors linked with biological systems such as the pharmaceutical, biotechnological, biomedical, agro-industrial and environmental sectors. The researchers of the centre deal with this problems with systematic approaches by using biochemical tools, microbiology, genetic engineering, metabolic engineering, biology of systems and synthetic biology.

In order to make technological transfer easier, I2SysBio offers a new model of agreements between public and private organisations that allow private companies to develop their R&D projects in our laboratories within the research programmes of the institute. These agreements are based on the close interaction between the researchers of I2SysBio and the researchers of the companies in the laboratories of the institute.

The Units of Projects and Transfer of Knowledge of the Universitat de València and CSIC are in charge alongside with the researchers of I2Sysbio of promoting and making the cooperation agreements easier with the companies and other entities of the socio-economic environment.