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I2SysBio has several R&D programmes for studying the interaction between plants and viral and sub-viral pathogens, as well as the answer of the plant to abiotic stress, including the creation and analysis of different types of omics data and its integration in models of response regulation of the plants that are subject to these stress conditions. We have the facilities for the cultivation of plants in vitro in controlled climate conditions. In the case of studying pathogens, the cultivation chambers have P2 containment conditions and biological security. Our research groups offer to the companies that are interesting in hiring our R&D services the possibility of developing projects in collaboration about the identification of the genes involved in the resistance of biotic and abiotic stresses, the development of transgenic plants, knock-out or knock-in genetically induced or edited in these genes and its phenotyping, as well as the definition of the possible collateral effects of these mutations. We also have the knowledge and experience for identifying new viral pathogens and for developing weakened viral strains for using them in cross protection.