Research line 1: Effects of the international financial crisis on trade and the integration agreements

Recent literature on international trade is paying special attention to two issues. On the one hand, a matter of concern relates to the effects of the financial crisis after the important reduction of trade during the first years of the recession period. On the other hand, there is a renewed interest in investigating the effects or preferential trade. In fact, the 2011 WTO report focuses exclusively on these two topics. These issues are embedded in the frame of the Challenge 6 of the Horizon 2020 program (“Europe in a changing world”. Call EURO: “Overcoming the Crisis: New ideas, Strategies and Governance Structures for Europe” and, more particularly in the Call EURO-1-2014: “Resilient and sustainable economic and monetary union in Europe”. This research line is subdivided in two sub-lines; i) Effects of the financial crisis on the world trade and its transmission to the bilateral trade flows; and ii) Impact of the preferential trade agreements on trade and welfare.