Research line 2: Effects of globalization on trade specialization, foreign direct investment and environmental policies

In a highly globalized world where production factors are being progressively liberalized, the analysis of the complementarity or substitutability of the commercial flows and the foreign direct investment (FDI) becomes essential. At the same time, the debate on the environmental consequences derived from higher economic integration is becoming increasingly important in both the political and the academic spheres. In fact, these topics are in the negotiation agenda of the Doha Round of the WTO and, more in particular, are part of the so-called “Singapur Issues”, which are especially relevant for developed countries. In addition, this research line attempts to provide answers to those points raised by the Challenge 5 of the Horizon 2020 program (“Climate Action, Environment, Resource Efficiency and Raw Materials”). The line is subdivided in two sub-lines; i) Trade specialization, factor relocation and environment; and ii) Globalization, growth and environmental efficiency.