About us

The Research Group in Economic Integration INTECO was set up thanks to a research grant for that purpose from the Department of Science and Technology of Regional Government of Valencia (GR01-167) in year 2001; two years later INTECO received the award of Excellence Research Group of the Region of Valencia. The government´s recognition has been renewed periodically until present (PROMETEO 2014). Nevertheless the research group was registered before in the Offices of Technology Transfer (Oficinas de Transferencia de Tecnología, OCIT or OTRI) of both Universities: the research members of Castellon have the code 115ECON of OCIT of University of Castellon (denomination "Integración Económica") and the research members of Valencia have the code UV-0736 of OTRI (denomination "Integración Económica"). Since 2014, researchers from both universities are members of a joint research group.

The members of INTECO have a large research trajectory, with participation in almost 20 projects evaluated by Agencia Nacional de Evaluación y Prospectiva (ANEP). Some examples are the following:

  • Consequence of European Single Market on Spanish trade policy and macroeconomic policy (SEC92-0980-C02).
  • Main macroeconomic problems of the Spanish economy and economic convergence during the process of adhesion of the EMU (PB94-0955-C02).
  • Impact of Euro on trade in goods and services (SEC2003-05836).
  • Structural Change and Factor Mobility in the New Economy. PROMOVE (SEC2002-03651).
  • Structural Change and Factor Mobility in economic integrated areas. PROMOVE-II (SEJ2005-001163).
  • Determinants and implications of the continental bias on world trade. The case of Africa. (SEJ2006-07238).
  • Analysis of the relationships between economic integration and environment (ECO2008-05908-C02).
  • Regional Integration Agreements, trade and welfare (ECO2009/08181).
  • Challenges of globalisation: combining a regional perspective with an internacional perspective (ECO2011-30260-C03-01).
  • The impact of ethnic, institutional and business networks on international and interregional trade flows (ECO2011-27619).

In addition the research group INTECO participates in other national and internacional projects with public and private funding. The composition of the Research Group INTECO has changed since its set up. From the beginning, one of the goals of the group has been to expand the number of researchers, including post-doctoral fellows or PhD students. Among the different activities of research of INTECO, we would like to mention our Annual Research Meeting in Economic Integration (Jornadas de Integración Económica). It is running since 2003 as a place of encounter with other national and international research teams in order to discuss the results of our research.