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Conference on the History of Music in Valencia

13-15 de October 2016

The Conselleria de Cultura de la Generalitat Valenciana and the Universitat de València are organizing the Conference “Intersections”, centered on the History of Music in Valencia.

This Conference is proposed as a space for debate among those researchers and scholars who—both from inside and outside Valencia—have devoted themselves principally, if not exclusively, to the Valencian tradition. Its goal is to contribute to the consolidation of a local history of music able to reconstruct how individuals and/or communities thought and acted musically in the past; to recognize the results of that thinking and acting in order to value them in the present; and to demonstrate the interconnection between the Valencian musical life and that in the rest of Spain and Europe.

Contact address:

For further information about the scientific approach of the Conference, please click here.


This Conference will be articulated in plenary sessions and free communications. Methodological frameworks in Applied musicology, Historiography, History of institutions, and Biography/Prosopography will be discussed through brief keynote speeches in plenary sessions. Free communications will be dedicated to present, in different forms, research results of individual scholars or study groups.

Forms of participating

Free communications: 15 minutes long, plus 5 minutes for debate.

Study groups: Groups will be allowed up to 1 hour to report research results on specific issues/topics; groups may use and distribute available time among their members at their convenience.

Posters: Number of poster sessions will depend on the number of proposals received.


Paper-, study group-, and/or poster proposals will be considered by the scientific committee by May 31, 2016, sending them to the contact address.

Acceptance will be communicated by June 30, 2016.

Proposals will include a summary (350 words, or 2500 characters), which will be published on the Conference website. In the case of study groups, summaries may reach up to 700 words, and proposals will include the names of all of the participants along with the titles of their respective communications.

Inscription will be valid only after payment of the registration fee.


One only Fee: 30 €.

Fees will be deposited in the checking account number

IBAN: ES59 3159 0066 9924 6708 4428

in respect of “Intersecciones - Historia de la musica”.

The registration will be valid only after receipt of the receipt.


Proposals on the following topics will be considered by the scientific committee:

Questions of methodology in the history of music, particularly, issues related to local historiography and the relations between local historiography and general history.

Relationship between the history of music and other fields within musicology (theory and aesthetics of music, ethnomusicology, popular music studies, iconography, organology).

Interdisciplinary relations between history of music and general history, art history, and history of literature.

Primary and secondary sources for the history of music.

Historical studies on institutions in the Valencian area: scholae cantorum, music chapels and organist positions, theaters and concert halls; educational institutions (conservatories, schools of music); professional organizations (guilds and labor unions); groups and ensembles (minstrels, "extravagantes" music chapels, musical societies, chamber-music ensembles, and popular-music bands); institutional and private patronage; institutional relations at local-, State-, and European level.

Music-centered biographical and prosopographic studies in the Valencian area: biographies of musicians (both performers and composers), writers (in the realm of theory, aesthetics, criticism, and history), poets, patrons and sponsors; professional careers of musicians and music producers (promoters, impresarios), as well as their geographical mobility; relations between individuals devoted to music production.

Applied-musicology studies: performance-practice studies; history of performance; analysis of performance; music performance as a study object; historically informed criteria for performance; recorded- vs. live music; creative listeners and listening practices.

There will be available time for the presentation of doctoral dissertations (either already defended or still in progress) related to any of the areas of interest in this Conference.

Paper proposals will be considered and selected by the scientific committee.


Those interested in having their communications published will be required to turn in original files and paper copies at the time of their presentations at the Conference.

Papers will be reviewed by an editorial committee and will be subject to the editorial guidelines.

Scientific committee

Dinko Fabris – President of the International Musicologial Society

Juan José Carreras - Universidad de Zaragoza

Tess Knighton - Clare College, Cambridge/CSIC - Institució Milà i Fontanals, Barcelona

Álvaro Torrente - Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Cristina Urchueguía - Universität Bern.

Keynote speakers

Paolo Fabbri - Università degli Studi di Ferrara

Robert L. Kendrick - University of Chicago

Miguel Ángel Marín - Fundación Juan March

Pilar Ramos - Universidad de la Rioja