Dr. Jose V Frances

  • phD
  • Associate Professor
  • University of Valencia School of Engineering


Prof. Dr. Jose V Francés (1971) received from the University of Valencia his Degree in Physics (1994) and subsequently his Ph.D. (2000) in Physics. From 1995 was Part Time Lecturer at the Faculty of Physics, University of Valencia. At 1997 switched as Full Time Lecturer to the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV), dept. Informatics Systems and Computation. And subsequently returned to the University of Valencia as Assistant Professor in 1998. He is currently Associate Professor and Researcher at the Department of Electronic Engineering, University of Valencia, Spain.

He is currently member of the Processing and Digital Design Group (GPDD).

Research Interests

  1. Hardware implementation of signal processing and machine learning algorithms into embedded systems and reconfigurable logic, seeking to achieve on-chip learning in real-time applications.
  2. Neuromorphic systems, event-based systems and spiking neural networks.
  3. Using signal processing and machine learning to improve DBS positioning stimulation electrode in Parkinson surgery, and for locating epileptic focus in Epilepsy, as surgeon support tools.
  4. Industrial, biomedical engineering and automotive applications.