Fire & Art: paintings of wildfires and burned landscapes

Selection of paintings related to wildfires. I have preferently selected those paintings that show wildfires and nature (landscapes, trees, etc.), except for some early works (<1900) that I included any painting I found related to wildfires. Thank you to the people that have sent me some of these images as response to my tweet (@jgpausas), e.g., @StephenJPyne, @TarragonJosep, @mhmorrill, @BiodiversityGuy, @Julian_Resasco, @barroso2501, @mica_amy, @parnajarlpa, @romanticheather, Jim Weller, etc.

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Piero di Cosimo (Florence, 1462–1522)

c. 1505, The Forest Fire

George Catlin (USA, 1796–1872)

1832, Prairie meadow burning

1832, Prairie Bluffs Burning, on the Missouri River

Others, before 1940

A. K. Denisov-Uralsky, ca. 1900 [info]

Joseph Lycett, ca. 1820, Drawings of Aborigines and scenery [info]

Keeley Halswelle, mid 1800s, UK

Jules Tavernier, 1886, Yosemite (Forest Fire in Moonlit Landscape); French painter

Charles Deas, 1847, Prairie on fire

V.N. Dobrovolski, URSS

Charles Whymper, 1910, UK

G.J. Tisdale, 1871, The Great Peshtigo fire

(unknown), Steppe fire in Buryatia, Russia

Paul Kane (1810-71), Canada

Albert Bierstadt (1830-1902)

John Longstaff, 1898, Red Tuesday fires (Gippsland, Australia)

Alfred J. Miller (1810-1874), E North America

(unknown), 1840s, The trapper's defense- fire fights fire, N America

Charles M. Russell (1864-1926), N America

William Strutt, 1851, Black Thursday (Australia)

Vasily Polenov, 1881, The burnt forest

Eugene von Guerard, 1859, Bushfire between Mount Elephant and Timboon, Australia [info]

Carl Wimar, 1860

Donald Ramsay (Australia, 1957-), 2013

After The Fire, Glenburn

After The Fire, Mount Gordon, Yarra Ranges

Burnt Forest, Captains Creek

Burnt Forest, Captains Creek2

Burnt Forest, Yarra Ranges I

Burnt Hillside, Yarra Ranges I

Sunset after fire

Burnt Ridge, Yarra Ranges

Evening After Fire, Yarra Ranges

Sunset After Fire, Yarra Ranges

Fred Williams (Australia, 1927–1982)

1970, Burnt landscape II (Bushfire Series)

1968, After bushfire (3) [info]


1968, Approaching bushfire [info]


Burning tree stump

Burnt Landscape

1965, Upwey landscape

Reg Mombassa (Christopher O'Doherty), Australia/NZ (1951-)

Burnt gums on the King’s highway approaching Byron Bay

Stumps trunks and shrubbery, 2021

Carbone and Trunks After Fire, 2009

Reeding a book after the fire

Moses robot II with burning bush

Philip Juras (Southeast USA), 2003-2018

2003, Fir-snags

2012, Wade tract burn #7

2015, Burn

2010, Day after fire

2012, Fire in saw palmettos

2013, Heading fire

2018, Burnt

2013, Backing fire

2014, Deadfall

2015, Burn

2010, After fire

2015, Burn

2015, Burn

2015, Burnt

Josep Serra Tarragón (Catalonia, Spain) [digital art]

Doble caiguda

Col·lecció Memòries de foc

Col·lecció Memòries de foc

Supercel.lula de foc al capvespre, 2021

Col·lecció Memòries de foc

Tocat però latent, 2024

2012, Inferno

Col·lecció Memòries de foc

Thin orange line

Afterburnt, 2022

Fire pathways, 2021

Brownian sparks in the wood, 2021

Col·lecció Memòries de foc

Col·lecció Memòries de foc

Tongues of bushfire, 2021

Serra, 2022, The big one - Montserrat 1994


Australian aboriginal art

Ngamaru Bidu, Waru (fire)

Dolly Nampijinpa Daniels, Uni Nampijinpa Martin, 1988. Warlukurlangu Jukurrpa (fire country Dreaming) [info]

Ngamaru Bidu, Warntilli Waru, 2014 (red lines = recent burning) [info]

Prabha Mallya [source]

Miriam Morill (California)

Fleur de lis-Life returns from fire

Vladimir Velickovic (Serbia)

Fire, 1995

Fire, 2015

Fire 1996

Fire, 2016

Soleil noir #3, 1997


Les Noyers de l'Altenburg 15, 2013


Other artists

Cota Marqués, 2020.

Cota Marqués, 2020.

Paul Klee, 1933, Fire at full moon

Albert Tucker, 1999, After the Bushfire [info]

Sue Todd

Adam Straus, 2008, Fire and Earth

Petra Kaminen Mosher, Full on balze

Rick Amor, 2014, The island on fire

Arthur Boyd, 1966-68, Nebuchadnezzar on fire falling over a waterfall

René Magritte, 1928, Le paysage en feu

Jaume Marzal, 2021

Denize Torbes, 2015, Queimada

Jessie Homer French, 2021, The Dome Fire - Mojave- National Preserve

Janine McGinness, 2019, Bushfire

Chili Thom, It started like wildfire

Ana Rey, Sierra Bermeja

Tom Thomson, 1915, Burnt land at sunset, summer

Geun-Taek Yoo, 2000, Five Gardens 4(Fire)

John Glenn, 2009, Black Saturday 2009

Laurie Wigham, 2021,

Lorna Muir Nimmo, 1952, The Bush Fire’s Passage

Jordy van den Nieuwendijk, 2019, Bushfire

Max Angus, c. 1964, Rain After Fire

Inkvisage, 2023, The Burning Bush

Sidney Nolan, 1947, Detail from Landscape

Charles Burchfield, 1920, Forest fire in moonlight

Charley Harper, Secretary bird with black mamba

Robin Lee Carlson, 2021

Carole Pierce, Desert fire #4

Sue Michael, 2018, Bushfires Where There Were None Before

Phil Caterino (lostcabinpress), Fire in the Valley - Yosemite National Park


Emily Milligen, 8th grade, Reed Point School, (Keep Montana Green, art contents, 2021)

Kira Brousseau, 11th grade, Columbia Falls High School (Keep Montana Green, art contents, 2021)

Direct fire attack [info]

Ground fire [info]

Dan Day, "what happens when a forest burns?"

Eugene Warming, "Burned campo cerrado (Lagoa Santa, Brazil)"