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LibSVM Matlab and Octave interfaces

Here you can find Matlab(tm) and Octave interfaces of the LibSVM library written by Chih-Jen Li. We have modified LibSVM to use it in our research tasks, so it is a little bit different and it is not fully tested. If you decide to use our implementation, be careful! Take into account that the last version of LibSVM (3.1) already has most of the features included here. You should try the original LibSVM first!

At this moment, we have two versions, one stable, well tested, based on LibSVM 2.83, and others we are testing based on new libsvm versions. The Octave interface was compiled using Octave 3.0. Sparse matrices are not yet supported. These are the features we have added to the original libsvm:

  • Precomputed kernels (originally programmed by Pei-Chin Wang).
    Included in the original LibSVM since version 2.82, but in our version you don't have to add an extra index column in matlab.
  • An index field in the model structure containing the indexes of the SV's (for precomputed kernels).
  • Other error meassures in cross-validation mode.
  • Since version 2.89 there is a new switch (-j) that solves the regression problem without bias.
  • Since version 3.1 we have included the code to compute the SVDD:
    • LibSVM for SVDD.
    • Authors: Leland Wang, Holger Froehlich (University of Tuebingen), Konrad Rieck (Fraunhofer institute), Chen-Tse Tsai.
  • Stable binaries (based on libsvm 2.83) are located here.
  • New (testing) binaries are located here.
Source code: A lot of people is asking for the source code. Well, here you have it, enjoy ;-) You can send patches fixing bugs or adding new functionality to: jordi <a-t>
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iban calculator

A quick and dirty C program to calculate the IBAN for a bank account. Using the IBAN number you can save some euros in money transferences between countries of the EU.

When I searched for something similar some time ago, I found just one program to calculate the IBAN check code. It was only for Windows(tm) and not free. iban.c is free (GPLd) and written in C, so you can modify, compile and use it in any platform. Source code here.

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CreaIndex es una chorrada de programa que hice en Visual Basic para ver que se sentía programando en ese lenguaje. El programa genera un fichero HTML con el índice de los ficheros contenidos en un directorio, permitiendo al usuario introducir con facilidad comentarios sobre cada fichero. Hay dos versiones, el .exe a pelo, CreaIndex.exe, y otra versión de instalación si no funciona el primero,

CreadIndex Screenshot


Más chorra todavía es IMG. IMG es un programa en línea de comandos que inserta los atributos width y height a los tag img de HTML. Sirve para gente que, como yo, edita las páginas web usando un editor de textos sencillo (como por ejemplo: UltraEdit).