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Comparison between the energy performance of a ground coupled water to water heat pump system and an air to water heat pump system for heating and cooling in typical conditions of the European Mediterranean coast.
Energy Conversion and Management
Volumen:    49    Páginas, inicial: 2917    final: 2923        Octubre 2008

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Influence of the distance in a roundhouse kick’s execution time and impact force in Taekwondo.
Journal of Biomechanics
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J. Martos, G. Martínez
Monitorización de deportistas en silla de ruedas
Mundo Electrónico
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A cellular automaton based model simulating HVAC fluid and heat transport in a building. Modeling approach and comparison with experimental results
Energy and Buildings
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Applied Thermal Engineering
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Novel Wireless Sensor System for Dynamic Characterization of Borehole Heat Exchangers
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