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3154 Chemistry

  • Miniaturization total analysis methods
  • Multivariate and Multicomponent analysis
  • Main aspects in chromatography
  • Solutions and innovations in Analytical Chemistry
  • Liquid Chromatography and electrophoresis
  • Computational theoretical Chemistry
  • Basic and technological aspects of ceramic materials
  • Coordinating compounds with biological activity
  • Material sciences
  • Organometallic chemistry and catalysis
  • Asymmetric catalysis with metal complexes and organocatalysis
  • Organic crystalline engineering
  • Chemical organofluorine chemicals
  • Organic chemistry of metallic compounds
  • Theoretical Organic Chemistry
  • Compound synthesis of pharmacological interest though chiral precursors.
  • Distereo-, and enantioselective synthesis of natural products with biological activity
  • Reactivity synthesis and coordination chemistry of heterocyclic compounds
  • Food and environmental security
  • Regio and electroselective transformations, methods and mechanisms
  • Molecules, macromolecules and photoactive nanoparticles
  • Heterogeneous catalysis with nanomaterials and photocatalysis.
  • Photochemical mechanisms for ADN damage and repair
  • Materials for controlled release and sensor development
  • Optical biosensors development

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