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Congress on Privacy and Data protection

  • July 24th, 2017
Congress on Privacy and Data protection

Every two years more data are generated than in the whole history of humanity. Today almost everything we do leaves a trail of information: our movements, a shared comment on a social network, an opinion on a blog, a payment by credit card, our use of energy, to name just a few.

In addition, Big Data and Cloud are significantly reducing their cost by generating new business opportunities and improvements to society that it cannot and should not give up. From the perspective of citizens, this innovation also allows that, on the one hand, they can exercise their rights with greater control over their data, and on the other, they enjoy new ways of satisfying their needs or desires (e-health, transportation, accommodation…). 
On the other hand we already have the European Regulation on data protection and its regulation (GDPR) that changes the rules, obligations and the sanctioning regime, while the new Regulation on ePrivacy is already about to be approved by European bodies. Almost everything has yet to be done and the deadline for organisations to adapt to the new regulation ends in May 2018.
Society based on data sets new challenges that must be approached from different perspectives. In short, we must find a sustainable balance in which rights are guaranteed and technological innovation is promoted in a framework of social coexistence that inspires a development committed to the human being.
Regulatory, economic, technological and opportunity reasons make it imperative to hold a Privacy Congress in 2017: CDP-2017
Privacy and treatment of Personal Data are opening new opportunities for employment, innovation and professional development, so you should not miss this appointment.