Juan Carlos Montesinos


Email: juan.montesinos@uv.es

    Group leader at the University of Valencia / BIOTECMED. PI of the "Fast cellular response to environmental stress in plants" CIDEGENT grant (2023-present).
    Prior, postdoc in the group of Prof. Clara Sánchez-Rodríguez at ETH Zürich (2020-2023) and Principal Investigator of a SEEDs Grant (ETH Zürich); and postdoc and Long Term EMBO fellow in the research group of Prof. Eva Benkova at IST Austria (2015-2020) and project leader of a IST interdisciplinay grant. 
    I completed my PhD studies at University of Valencia (Spain) in December 2014 under the supervision of Prof. Fernando Aniento and Dr. Maria Jesus Marcote.

Curriculum Vitae

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Publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals

      Mechanical forces in plant tissue matrix orient cell divisions via microtubule stabilization
      Hoermayer L; Montesinos JC; Trozzi N; Spona L; Yoshida S; Marhava P; Caballero-Mancebo S; Benkova E; Heisenberg CP; Dagdas Y; Majda M; Friml J.
      Developmental Cell (2024), 59,1-12. doi: 10.1016/j.devcel.2024.03.009.
      The WAK-like protein RFO1 acts as sensor of the pectin methylation status in Arabidopsis cell walls to modulate root growth and defense
      Huerta AI*; Sancho-Andres G*; Montesinos JC* [*equal contribution]; Silva-Navas J; Bassard S; Pau-Roblot C; Kesten C; Schlechter R; Dora S; Ayupov T; Pelloux J; Santiago J; Sanchez-Rodriguez C.
      Molecular Plant (2023), 1;16(5):865-881. doi: 10.1016/j.molp.2023.03.015.
      The root apoplastic pH as an integrator of plant signaling
      Gámez-Arjona F; Sánchez-Rodríguez C; Montesinos JC.
      Front Plant Sci (2022), 13:931979. doi: 10.3389/fpls.2022.931979.
      Impairment of the cellulose degradation machinery enhances fungal virulence but limits reproductive fitness
      Gámez-Arjona F; Vitale S; Voxeur A; Dora S; Müller S; Sancho-Andrés G; Montesinos JC; Di Pietro A; Sánchez-Rodríguez C.
      Science Advances (2022), 8(16): abl9734. Also available in bioRxiv (doi: 10.1101/2021.10.08.463612).
      Modulation of plant root growth by nitrogen source-defined regulation of polar auxin transport
      Ötvös K; Marconi M; Vega A; O’Brien J; Johnson A; Abualia R; Antonielli L; Montesinos JC; Zhang Y; Tan S; Cuesta C; Artner C; Bouguyon E; Gojon A; Friml J; Gutierrez R; Wabnik K; Benkova E.
      EMBO J. (2021) doi: 10.15252/embj.2020106862.
      Cytokinin fluoroprobe reveals multiple sites of cytokinin perception at plasma membrane and endoplasmic reticulum
      Kubiasová K*; Montesinos JC* (* = equal contribution); Šamajová O; Nisler J; Mik V; Semeradova H; Plíhalová L; Novák O; Marhavý P; Cavallari N; Zalabák D; Berka K; Doležal K; Galuszka P; Šamaj J; Strnad M; Benková E; Plíhal O; Spíchal L.
      Nature Communications, 11 (2020) doi:10.1038/s41467-020-17949-0.
      Phytohormone cytokinin guides microtubule dynamics during cell progression from proliferative to differentiated stage
      Montesinos JC; Abuzeineh A; Kopf A; Juanes-Garcia A; Ötvös K; Petrasek J; Sixt M; Benková E.
      EMBO J. 1–22. (2020) doi:10.15252/embj.2019104238.
      Wounding-induced changes in cellular pressure and localized auxin signalling spatially coordinate restorative divisions in roots
      Hoermayer L; Montesinos JC; Marhava P; Benkova E; Yoshida S; Friml J.
      Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 117, 15322–15331.(2020) doi:10.1073/pnas.2003346117.
      All Roads Lead to Auxin: Post-translational Regulation of Auxin Transport by Multiple Hormonal Pathways
      Semeradova H*; Montesinos JC* (* = equal contribution); Benková E.
      Plant Communications 1, 3; (2020) (Our microscopy picture was selected as cover picture of the journal issue) doi: 10.1016/j.xplc.2020.100048.
      Synergistic on auxin and cytokinin 1 integrates growth and pathogen defense
      Hurný A; Cuesta C; Cavallari N; Ötvös K; Duclercq J; Dokladal L; Montesinos JC; Gallemí M; Semerádová H; Rauter T; Stenzel I; Persiau G; Benade F; Bhalerao R; Sykorova E; Gorzsás A; Sechet J; Mouille G; Heilmann I; De Jaeger G; Ludwig-Müller J; Benková E.
      Nature Communications 11, 2170. (2020) doi:10.1038/s41467-020-15895-5.
      Targeted cell elimination reveals auxin-guided biphasic mode of lateral root initiation
      Marhavý P; Montesinos JC; Abuzeineh A; Van Damme D; Vermeer JE; Duclercq J; Rakusová H; Nováková P; Friml J; Geldner N; Benková E.
      Genes and Development 30, 471-483 (2016) (Our microscopy picture was selected as cover picture of the journal issue). doi:10.1101/gad.276964.115.
      p24 family proteins: key players in the regulation of trafficking along the secretory pathway
      Pastor-Cantizano N; Montesinos JC; Bernat-Silvestre C; Marcote MJ; Aniento F.
      Protoplasma 30, 1-19. (2016) doi:10.1007/s00709-015-0858-6.
      Arabidopsis p24δ5 and p24δ9 facilitate Coat Protein I-dependent transport of the K/HDEL receptor ERD2 from the Golgi to the endoplasmic reticulum
      Montesinos JC; Pastor-Cantizano N; Robinson DG; Marcote MJ; Aniento F.
      The Plant Journal 80, 1014–1030. (2014) doi:10.1111/tpj.12700.
      Putative p24 complexes in Arabidopsis contain members of the delta and beta subfamilies and cycle in the early secretory pathway
      Montesinos JC; Langhans M; Sturm S; Hillmer S; Aniento F; Robinson DG; Marcote MJ.
      Journal of Experimental Botany 64, 3147–3167. (2013) doi:10.1093/jxb/ert157.
      Coupled transport of Arabidopsis p24 proteins at the ER–Golgi interface
      Montesinos JC; Sturm S; Langhans M; Hillmer S; Marcote MJ; Robinson DG; Aniento F.
      Journal of Experimental Botany 63, 4243–4261. (2012) doi:10.1093/jxb/ers112.

    Manuscripts submitted and in preparation

      ATHENA/MEE39 controls plant defense against vascular pathogens and responses to cellulose alteration
      Montesinos JC; Huang HY; Sancho-Andres G; Gámez-Arjona F; Rama F; Kashyap A; Broyart C; Yang H; Coll N; Zipfel C; Santiago J; Sanchez-Rodriguez C.
      Under revision
      Cytokinin modulates microtubules dynamics in root epidermal cells controlling the phosphorylation status of MAP65-1 and CLASP proteins
      Montesinos JC (#); Kubiasova K; Inumella S; Gallemi M; Cavallari N; Kesten C; Rodriguez L; Sanchez-Rodriguez C; Benkova E (#).
      (#) = corresponding authors
      In preparation
      Dual role of Pectin Methyl Esterase activity in the regulation of plant cell wall biophysical properties
      Gallemi M; Montesinos JC; Zarevski N; Pribyl J; Skladal P; Hannezo E; Benkova E.
      bioRxiv doi:10.1101/2022.06.14.495617