Juan Antonio Morales Lladosa

Departament d'Astronomia i Astrofísica
Universitat de València

46100 Burjassot (València) Spain
Tel: (34)-96-354-3066
Fax: (34)-96-354-3084



Last ERE-contributions

  • On the local existence of maximal slicings in spherically symmetric spacetimes   (ERE-2009)   PDF  

  • Flat synchronizations in spherically symmetric space-times   (ERE-2009)     PDF       pdf-diapos

  • Creatable universes: a new approach   (ERE-2009)   PDF      pdf-diapos

  • Cosmological vector perturbations in vector-tensor teories of gravitation  (ERE-2008)   PDF

  • Emission coordinates in Minkowski space-time   (ERE-2008)   PDF      pdf-diapos

  • Newtonian and relativistic location systems   (ERE-2007)   PDF    pdf-diapos

  • The momentum and the angular momemtum of the Universe revisited. Some preliminary results   (ERE-2006)  PDF

  • Coordinates and frames from the causal point of view   (ERE-2005)   PDF

  • Lorentzian comments on Stokes parameters   (ERE-2001)   PDF