Information About Palaeontologia Electronica

Palaeontologia Electronica is a general paleontological journal of the widest possible scope and is accessed through a World Wide Web (WWW) browser such as Netscape. Technical contributions in the form of papers, editorials, book reviews, announcements, etc. from any branch of paleontology (e.g., micropaleontology, palynology, invertebrate paleontology, paleobotany, vertebrate paleontology) and on any topic are welcome. These contributions are edited to be accessible to all persons with a professional knowledge of paleontology regardless of their specialty or area(s) of expertise.

Unlike traditional print-based journals, however, Palaeontologia Electronica is highly graphical in both format and content. Authors are encouraged to make use of color in their figures and tables and to include high-resolution digital images as a means of illustration. Moreover, Palaeontologia Electronica encourages active experimentation with animation, 2D and 3D modelling of morphologies, online access to databases, and the creation of online data analysis tools.

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