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Pablo Rychter

pablo DOT rychter AT uv DOT es

I am a lecturer at the Department of Philosophy in the Universitat de València, Spain.

Before joining the department in 2010, I was a Fulford Junior Research Fellow at Somerville College (University of Oxford), a visiting postdoc at MIT, and a visiting scholar at The University of British Columbia. I obtained my PhD from the Universitat de Barcelona and my first degree in Philosophy from the Universidad de Buenos Aires.

I mainly work on Metaphysics and Meta-metaphysics.

I am a member of the VLC Philosophy Lab and a collaborator of the LOGOS-Research Group in Analytic Philosophy.

I am currently one of the principal investigators of the funded research project Eliminativism, Fictionalism, and Expressivism. The Possibility of a Negative Metaphysical Verdict about a Discourse D.

I teach different courses at the Philosophy program, mostly on Metaphysics, Epistemology, Philosophy of Mind, and Social Ontology.


Selected Publications

"Does free will require alternative possibilities?", Disputatio, IX, 45: 131-146, 2017

"Truthmaker Theory Without Truthmakers", Ratio, 27, 3: 276-290, 2014

"Stage Theory and Proper Names", Philosophical Studies, 161: 367-379, 2012

"How Coincidence Bears on Persistence", Philosophia, 39: 759-770, 2011

"There is no puzzle about change", dialectica, 63, 1: 7–22, 2009

"Perdurance, Endurance, and 'having a property atemporally'", Metaphysica, IX, 2: 159-171, 2008