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Pablo Rychter


Pablo is a lecturer at the Department of Metaphysics and Epistemology in the University of Valencia, Spain. Before joining the department, he was a Fulford Junior Research Fellow at Somerville College (University of Oxford), a visiting postdoc at MIT, and a visiting scholar at the University of British Columbia. Pablo obtained his PhD from the University of Barcelona and his first degree in philosophy from the University of Buenos Aires.


Teaching and Research interests. 

Pablo works mainly in metaphysics and meta-metaphysics. Some of his publications on these topics are listed below.

He currently teaches philosophy at the Philosophy program, at the English Studies program, and at the Master in Contemporary Philosophical Thought. Topics include: 

knowledge and reality, free will, personal identity, dualism vs. physicalism, utiliarianism, sexual orientation, 

and the nature of language.

Selected Publications

-Stage Theory and Proper names, forthcoming in Philosophical Studies

-How Coincidence Bears on Persistence, Philosophia, 39: 759-770, 2011.

-There is no puzzle about change, dialectica, 63, 1: 7–22, 2009

-Perdurance, Endurance, and ‘having a property atemporally’”, Metaphysica, IX, 2: 159-171, 2008