Grant-getting Centers


European Science Foundation

Science magazine's guide to resources

The Society of Research Administrators: Government resouces, policy information and circulars, general resources, private funding resources.

Major Granting Agencies

Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS): French granting agency for basic science (French, English).

Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG): German granting agency for research at universities and public research institutions (German, English).

The European Commission of the European Union (EU): DG XII: Science, Research, and Development: Program-related support of scientific research in Europe (all EU languages). DG XXII: Education, Training, Youth: Supports education in Europe (English, many EU languages).

The European Science Foundation: Information about funding for European "networks", "programmes", and research conferences.

The National Environment Research Council (NERC): Funds various natural history related projects in the United Kingdom.

The National Institutes of Health: US granting agency for projects relating to the health professions.

The National Science Foundation: US granting agency for general science. Includes guides to programs, application forms, etc.

NATO Scientific and Environmental Affairs: NATO's "third dimension" for encouraging "interactions among people." Contains information about NATO fellowships and grants. Open primarily to citizens of NATO alliance countries.

Swiss National Science Foundation (SNF): Swiss granting agency for basic science. Information on funded research, special programs, administrative, and scientific information (English, French, German).

United Kingdom Research Councils: The joint home page for UK research councils provided.

United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO): Platform for many international long-term projects (e.g. IGCP).

Small Grants and Funds

The International Foundation for Science: Grants to scientists in developing countries for equipment, expendibles, and literature up to $12,000 US.

The Linnaean Society of London: The Linnean Society awards a number of small grants each April. These include money for taxonomic publications, arthropod systematics, heredity, and others. Available to citizens of most countries.

The Leakey Foundation: Provides small grants for the study of human origins, broadly defined

The Leverhulme Trust: A UK-based charity that gives funds (sometimes extremely large) for research in the UK or developing nations.

The National Geographic Society:  Funds for scientific field research and expeditions.

The Palaeontological Association:  Sylvester-Bradley Fund for palaeontological research.

The Royal Society: The UK's Academy of Science, which gives small sums for UK researchers and collaborators

The Smithsonian Office of Fellowships and Grants: Funds for research and appointments involving the Institute's 'unique resources'. Open to US citizens and others.

The Society of Vertebrate Paleontology:  Funds for graduate research and several awards.

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