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  Last update: 03/04/2011


     Phronesis is a research group of analytic philosophers. Like other analytic research groups in Continental Europe, we work on central issues in the philosophy of language and the philosophy of mind, but we are also interested in other fields like ethics and aesthetics. One of our chief aims is to cultivate and promote the kind of clear and rigorous research typical of analytic philosophy in fields traditionally reserved, in our institutional context, to continental approaches.

     Most of the members of Phronesis are linked to the Universities of Murcia and Valencia, although the group also includes researchers from other European universities.

     In this website, you will find updated information about our activities and links to useful websites.


Workshop Granada-Valencia: Creencia y Acción

       14-16 April, 2011  Valencia (Spain)

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past events

TIF XI - Taller d'Investigació en Filosofia

       12-13 January, 2009          Valencia (Spain)

        [more info]

  International Workshop on Belief, Responsibility, and Action

       12-14 November, 2008      Valencia (Spain)

        [more info]


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Regular Seminar on Moral & Epistemic Agency

            Research project: “Alternativas, Creencia y Acción” (FFI2009-09686)


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Universitat de València