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Last update: 18/10/2008

   1st International Workshop on

Belief, Responsibility, and Action  


Valencia, Spain. November 12th-14th, 2008

             Invited Speakers                                   





María Alvarez    University of Southampton
Stefaan Cuypers    Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
Pascal Engel    Université de Genève
Christopher Hookway    University of Sheffield
Dana Nelkin    University of California, San Diego
Timothy O’Connor    Indiana University
Derk Pereboom    Cornell University
Thomas Pink    King's College London
Helen Steward    University of Leeds
David Widerker    Bar-Ilan University
Discussants: Josep Corbí (UV), Tobies Grimaltos (UV)
Javier Hernández (U. Carlos III), Miriam Hoyo (UV), Marta Moreno (UV),
Carlos Moya (UV), Eduardo Ortiz (UCV), Josep L. Prades (U. Girona),
Sergi Rosell (UV), Jordi Valor (King's College London).

Organized by

the members of the Research Project "Belief, Responsibility, and Action" (HUM2006-04907/FISO)

and PHRÓNESIS - Analytic Philosophy Group




 This Symposium on Belief, Responsibility, and Action emerges from a research project with the same title, currently run by philosophers who belong to the University of Valencia but also some who work at universities in the UK. In the meeting, the three general topics of belief, responsibility, and action will be addressed, mostly by means of exploring its connections. Particular issues that will be covered by the talks are: action and moral responsibility, the nature of reasons and their relation to actions, responsibility for beliefs and attitudes, control over beliefs, beliefs and the will, deliberation and belief in freedom, knowledge of one’s own mental states and actions (self-knowledge), as well as related subjects.














Wednesday, November 12th

09.30 Reception 


09.45 Session I:

Stefaan Cuypers: On the Compatibilist Origins of Autonomy

Comment: Jordi Valor

General Discussion              


11.30 Coffee Break


11.45 Session II:

Helen Steward: A New Response to the Challenge from Chance

Comment: Marta Moreno

General Discussion              


13.30 Lunch Break


15.45 Session III:

Christopher Hookway: Freedom of Mind and Rational Belief

Comment: Josep Corbí

General Discussion              


17.30 Coffee Break


17.45 Session IV:

David Widerker: A Defense of Frankfurt-Friendly Libertarianism

Comment: Carlos Moya

General Discussion              


19.30 Big Break


Thursday, November 13th

09.45 Session V:

Derk Pereboom: Reflections on Source Incompatibilism

Comment: Miriam Hoyo

General Discussion              


11.30 Coffee Break


11.45 Session VI:

María Álvarez: How Many Kinds of Reason 

Comment: Josep L Prades

General Discussion              


13.30 Lunch Break


15.45 Session VII:

Thomas Pink: Reason, Voluntariness and Moral Responsibility

Comment: Sergi Rosell

General Discussion              


17.30 Coffee Break


17.45 Session VIII:

Timothy O'Connor: Self-Awareness in Action and the Degrees of Human Freedom and Responsibility

Comment: Eduardo Ortiz

General Discussion              


19.30 Big Break


Friday, November 14th

10.00 Session IX:

Pascal Engel: Epistemic Responsibility Without Epistemic Agency

Comment: Tobies Grimaltos

General Discussion              


11.45 Coffee Break


12.00 Session X:

Dana Nelkin: Rational Abilities, Resentment, and the Fairness Argument

Comment: Javier Hernández

General Discussion              


13.45 Close

14.00 Farewell lunch






     The Symposium will be held at the Faculty of Philosophy and Education (Facultat de Filosofia i Ciències de l'Educació), in the Blasco Ibáñez Campus of the University of Valencia.     

                 Address: 30, Blasco Ibáñez Av. 46010 VALENCIA (ES)


   About Valencia


   Valencia, situated halfway down the Eastern coast of Spain, is the third most important city in Spain. Its population is 800,000 inhabitants, or 1,500,000 counting on the suburbs.



The average annual temperature is 16.7º C, which includes mild winters and warm summers to be enjoyed on the region's sunny white-sanded beaches, which stretch out from the City of Valencia itself along the Valencian coastline. Valencia boasts one of the largest remaining historical centres in Europe, and the city's noble past can be felt here, in what was one of the main economic and cultural centres of the Mediterranean in the 14th and 15th centuries.

   The city of Valencia is easily accessible from abroad, through its airport, motorway links, port and railway network.

 How to reach Valencia

  • By Air
    The international airport of Valencia lies 8km from the city in the town of Manises. It is of very recent date and has the most modern installations and facilities, with direct and transit connections with Spain and the rest of the world. There is underground connection between the airport and the Symposium venue (Line 3, get off at Facultats). Information: Airport, Tel. +34 96 154 6015.

  • By road
    The A-7 Mediterranean Motorway runs north to south providing easy connections to Catalonia and France in the north and Murcia in the south. There are also good road connections to the rest of Spain: the N-III dual carriageway to Madrid, the N-234 Valencia - Zaragoza and the N-330 dual carriageway from Alicante to Madrid. Rail connections are also extensive.

  • Regular national and international bus service: Bus Terminal: 13, Menendez Pidal St. Tel: +34 96 349   7222.

  • By Rail
    Daily trains to/from Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Alicante, Port Bou, Zaragoza and Bilbao, as well as the rest of the province. Underground connection from the main train station (Estació del Nord) to conference venue (Line 3, stop Facultats). RENFE, Spanish Railways Information: Tel: +34 96 351 3612 and +34 96 351 2615.

  • By Sea
    From the Autonomous Valencia Port. Information Maritime Station: Tel: +34 96 323 7580. Shipping Company Trasmediterránea: Tel: +34 96 367 0704.



        Carlos J. Moya (University of Valencia)

        Tobies Grimaltos (University of Valencia)

        Sergi Rosell (University of Valencia)

        Eduardo Ortiz (Universidad Católica de Valencia)



Symposium sponsored by:

Universitat de València

Vicerectorat d'Investigació i Política Científica

International Workshop on Belief, Responsibility, and Action  

Universitat de València


Webmaster: Sergi Rosell