in memory of Gerard Fairtlough (dead on 15 December 2007)
on Sunday 29 June 2008
Bankside House, 24 Summer Street, London SE1 9JA
Aims and organisation of symposium
We aim to facilitate an annual symposium, planned by a steering committee selected specifically for each event and financed by a trust fund that is now being set up.  We expect the style and content of the symposium to change over time.  In line with Gerard's being a reflective practitioner, the broad theme of the symposium is to be organisational theory in practice.  We intend each event to address emerging themes in organisational thinking and practice: to throw light on how organisations work and on how they can learn to function in a more responsible, ethical and sustainable way as well as being efficient, financially sound and satisfying to interact with.

Symposium schedule
10:00am:   Symposium begins
11:00am:   Break for tea/coffee and biscuits
11:30am:   Symposium resumes
12:30pm:   Symposium ends

Symposium speakers
There will be four to six speakers at the event who will speak for a short while before discussion is made general.

Registration and subscription
If you would like to attend, registration is free and includes light refreshments.  Please reply by 14 June with your name, address and your affiliation (if any) to:
Participants will be invited to subscribe to the trust fund for the symposium.  Details will provided at the event or on request if you are unable to attend.

This year's event is sponsored by Triarchy Press Ltd which was founded by Gerard.  Sponsorship from additional organisations will be sought for future events.  This event also marks the publication of five new Triarchy Press titles: Towards the Third Modernity by Alain de Vulpian; Erasing Excellence: Examining the grip of centralised power by Wellford Wilms; The Mythical Organisation by Graham Galer; Generation Y: What they want from work by Sally Bibb and No Secrets!: Innovation through Openness by Gerard Fairtlough, Michael Thompson, Wellford Wilms and Matthew Fairtlough.  Copies will be on sale at the event at a discount for symposium subscribers.  Gerard's self-published 2004 memoir New York Changed My Life will also be available.
The symposium takes place at Bankside House, 24 Sumner St, London SE1 9JA.
Nearest underground stations: London Bridge, Southwark, Blackfriars.  Nearest mainline stations:  London Bridge, Waterloo. Please also see for location map.
A commemoration service for Gerard will also take place on Saturday 28 June 2008 at St John's, Smith Square, Westminster, London SW1P 3HA from 10.30am. 

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