"Eliancito", a song about Elian Gonzalez, the Cuban boy being held in Miami, is now available in mp3 format on the worldwide web. Written and
sung by Dave Welsh, a San Francisco Bay area activist and
composer, the catchy calypso-style tune and topical lyrics
make a powerful appeal to, as the song says, "let Eliancito go!" Dave is
backed up by two other accomplished Bay area musicians, Jon Fromer on
guitar and Jason Moen on keyboard. The song has been heard at
demonstrations in support of Elian's return to his father in Washington,
San Francisco, Vancouver, and other cities. It has also
been aired by several radio stations in the United States and Canada.

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CDs of "Eliancito" are available free to broadcasters, who may use it
without consideration of royalties, by calling (925) 682-5809.
Individuals may purchase the song on tape for $5 by sending a check made
out to Dave Welsh to P.O. Box 1863, Martinez, CA 94553.

Following are the lyrics to "Eliancito":

   Let little Elian Gonzalez go
   Home to Cuba, let the little boy go
     Back home to his papa,
     His grandmas and his grandpas,
   Gotta send the little boy back home.

             Time to let Eliancito go
             Home to Cuba, let the little boy go
               Can you imagine just how sad he
               Feels without his Daddy
             (Got to) let Eliancito go.
   2nd  Chorus:
             We gotta stop - stop - the blockade of Cuba
               Stop - stop - the blockade of Cuba
               Stop - stop - the blockade of Cuba
             Time to let Eliancito go.

   Washed overboard on the stormy sea
   A long way from his family
     Holdin' on to an inner tube
     With the fightin' spirit of a Cuban
   That was his destiny.

         - Chorus -
   Elian survived the waters cold
   And he's only just six years old,
     And after all that danger
     He's kidnapped by some strangers,
   Held hostage by the Gusanos.

        - Chorus -

        - 2nd Chorus -

   Elian was rescued from the deep
   Now he's surrounded by those right-wing creeps
     The crazies in Miami
     Don't care about the family
   Gotta set little Elian free (now is the
       time to)
        - Chorus -

   It's time to learn to live and let live now
   It's time to love thy neighbor somehow
     Uncle Sam throws his weight around
     The Cold War has stayed around
   Forty-seven years too long.

   Time to let Eliancito go
   Home to Cuba, let the little boy go,
     The embargo is a crime,
     and now is the time,
   To let little Eliancito go.

© Dave Welsh, 1999