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Postman is a high performance web based IMAP and NNTP client

Postman is a full featured IMAP and NNTP client written in C/C++ at the Computer Science Service of the University of Valencia.

The system has two components, a small cgi program called from the web server and a dedicated daemon that controls the connections to the IMAP and NNTP servers for each user session. Designed with high performance in mind, it supports hundreds of concurrent user sessions without a hitch.

Postman is skinnable, has multilanguage support (currently Catalan, English, Spanish and Basque) and uses simple HTML (with optional javascript) so it can be used with any browser. From version 3.0 it is CSS based and has full UTF-8 support.

Besides, the client allows searching and sorting in mailboxes, send and receive multiple attatchments, the use of multiple mailboxes per user and the definition of user addressbooks and signatures (using files or DB databases instead of a full DBMS as other WebMail clients do).


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  • 30-May-2012: New Postman release: 3.0. See ReleaseNotesV30.
  • 16-Nov-2005: New Postman release: 2.1.
  • 16-Nov-2005: Documentation for Postman installation on Solaris9 (only in spanish, thanks to Ana Belen Diez)
  • 02-Apr-2003: New Postman release: 2.0.
  • 22-Oct-2002: Postman 1.12 is now a Debian package! See here.
  • 12-Feb-2002: New Postman logo. Thanks to Juan Jose Rodriguez, Univ. Carles III, Madrid
  • 26-Feb-2002: We now have a FAQ for Postman
  • 20-Feb-2002: New Postman release: 1.12. Now you can sort the folders (IMAP or NNTP) by thread!
  • 06-Feb-2002: New Postman release: 1.11. Now Postman has NNTP (NetNews) support!
  • 09-Nov-2001: New Postman release: 1.10
  • 16-Aug-2001: You can read an interesant article about installing Postman "RedHat 7.1 - Postman - How-I-did-it". Thanks to Robin Whittle (rw@firstpr.com.au)!


Postman Related

Postman Mailing List

  • To subscribe to Postman mail list, please send one message with body:
         subscribe Postman-l YourFirstName YourLastName
    to address:

Sites running Postman:

(Please, if your site is running Postman send us the link)

C-CLIENT Library

Postman is tested with the following c-client libraries (if possible, use the first one):

IMAP related:


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