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Dr Quesada graduated in Economics from the Universitat de València and took his PhD in Economics at the University of Cincinnati (Ohio). He is currently a Professor of Economic Analysis at the Universitat de València. He was Director General of the Economy (1995-1998) and Director of the Science and Technology Office of the Valencian regional government (1999-2003). His fields of research are financial and monetary economics, and the economics of new technologies and growth. He has jointly published nine books —Las Nuevas Tecnologías y el Crecimiento Económico en España (BBVA Foundation, 2005), Competitividad, crecimiento y capitalización de las regiones españolas (2007), Infraestructuras, inversión privada e intangibles (CAM, 2009), Crecimiento y competitividad. Trayectoria y perspectivas de la economía española (BBVA Foundation, 2011), amongst others— and articles in Fiordelisi, F. et al. (eds.) New Issues in Financial and Credit Markets (Palgrave Macmillan, 2010), in Cuadrado, J.R. (ed.) Regional policy, economic growth and convergence: Lessons from the Spanish case (Springer 2009) and in Gardener, E. et al. (eds.) Banking in the New Europe: The Impact of the Single European Market Programme and EMU on the European Banking Sector (Palgrave Macmillan, 2003), as well as in specialized journals such as Applied Economics, European Journal of Operational Research, Institutions and Money, Investigaciones Económicas, Journal of International Financial Markets, Journal of Money, Investment and Banking, Moneda y Crédito, and Zeitschrift für Wirtschafts— und Sozialwissenschaften. He was a visiting scholar at Harvard University (1985-86). He is member of the European Academy of Science and Arts, and assistant to the Executive President of the Rey Jaime I prizes.




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