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1 2013MNRAS.436.3507N
1.00012/2013A      E  F                                  R                          U      
Navarro-González, Javier; Ricciardelli, Elena; Quilis, Vicent; Vazdekis, Alexandre
Fully cosmological virtual massive galaxies at z = 0: kinematical, morphological and stellar population characterization

2 2013ApJ...779L..18C
1.00012/2013A      E  F          X                      R          S              U      
Cerdá-Durán, Pablo; DeBrye, Nicolas; Aloy, Miguel A.; Font, José A.; Obergaulinger, Martin
Gravitational Wave Signatures in Black Hole Forming Core Collapse

3 2013PhRvL.111u1102G
1.00011/2013A      E              X                      R  C                      U      
Gabler, Michael; Cerdá-Durán, Pablo; Stergioulas, Nikolaos; Font, José A.; Müller, Ewald
Imprints of Superfluidity on Magnetoelastic Quasiperiodic Oscillations of Soft Gamma-Ray Repeaters

4 2013MNRAS.435.1618K
1.00010/2013A      E  F          X                      R  C                      U      
Knebe, Alexander; Pearce, Frazer R.; Lux, Hanni; Ascasibar, Yago; Behroozi, Peter; Casado, Javier; Moran, Christine Corbett; Diemand, Juerg; Dolag, Klaus; Dominguez-Tenreiro, Rosa; and 25 coauthors
Structure finding in cosmological simulations: the state of affairs

5 2013PhRvD..88f4009G
1.00009/2013A      E              X                      R  C                      U      
Galeazzi, Filippo; Kastaun, Wolfgang; Rezzolla, Luciano; Font, José A.
Implementation of a simplified approach to radiative transfer in general relativity

6 2013MNRAS.434.1192R
1.00009/2013A      E  F          X                      R  C                      U      
Ricciardelli, E.; Quilis, V.; Planelles, S.
The structure of cosmic voids in a ΛCDM Universe

7 2013A&A...557A.105F
1.00009/2013A      E  F          X                      R  C      S              U      
Fromm, C. M.; Ros, E.; Perucho, M.; Savolainen, T.; Mimica, P.; Kadler, M.; Lobanov, A. P.; Zensus, J. A.
Catching the radio flare in CTA 102. III. Core-shift and spectral analysis

8 2013ApJ...773L...8Q
1.00008/2013A      E  F          X                      R  C                      U      
Quilis, Vicent; Trujillo, Ignacio
Expected Number of Massive Galaxy Relics in the Present Day Universe

9 2013PhRvD..88b1501K
1.00007/2013A      E              X                      R  C                      U      
Kastaun, Wolfgang; Galeazzi, Filippo; Alic, Daniela; Rezzolla, Luciano; Font, José A.
Black hole from merging binary neutron stars: How fast can it spin?

10 2013hsa..conf.....G
1.00005/2013A                                                                          U      
Guirado, J. C.; Lara, L. M.; Quilis, V.; Gorgas, J.
Highlights of Spanish Astrophysics VII

11 2013MNRAS.430.1811G
1.00004/2013A      E  F          X                      R  C      S              U      
Gabler, Michael; Cerdá-Durán, Pablo; Font, José A.; Müller, Ewald; Stergioulas, Nikolaos
Magneto-elastic oscillations of neutron stars: exploring different magnetic field configurations

12 2013CQGra..30e7002I
1.00003/2013A      E                                      R  C                      U      
Ibáñez, José M.; Cordero-Carrión, Isabel; Martí, José M.; Miralles, Juan A.
On the convexity of relativistic hydrodynamics

13 2013A&A...551A..32F
1.00003/2013A      E  F          X          D          R  C      S          O  U      
Fromm, C. M.; Ros, E.; Perucho, M.; Savolainen, T.; Mimica, P.; Kadler, M.; Lobanov, A. P.; Lister, M. L.; Kovalev, Y. Y.; Zensus, J. A.
Catching the radio flare in CTA 102. II. VLBI kinematic analysis

14 2013MNRAS.428.1643P
1.00001/2013A      E  F          X                      R  C                      U      
Planelles, Susana; Quilis, Vicent
Cosmological shock waves: clues to the formation history of haloes

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