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1 2014MNRAS.tmp..495R
1.00003/2014A      E  F          X                      R  C                      U      
Ricciardelli, E.; Quilis, V.; Varela, J.
On the universality of void density profiles

2 2014arXiv1403.5237B
1.00003/2014A                      X                      R                          U      
Benitez, N.; Dupke, R.; Moles, M.; Sodre, L.; Cenarro, J.; Marin-Franch, A.; Taylor, K.; Cristobal, D.; Fernandez-Soto, A.; Mendes de Oliveira, C.; and 142 coauthors
J-PAS: The Javalambre-Physics of the Accelerated Universe Astrophysical Survey

3 2014arXiv1403.3653S
1.00003/2014A                      X                      R                          U      
Sanchis-Gual, Nicolas; Montero, Pedro J.; Font, Jose A.; Mueller, Ewald; Baumgarte, Thomas W.
Fully covariant and conformal formulation of the Z4 system in a reference-metric approach: comparison with the BSSN formulation in spherical symmetry

4 2014arXiv1403.3441A
1.00003/2014A                      X                      R  C                      U      
Amorín, Ricardo; Pérez-Montero, E.; Contini, T.; Vílchez, J. M.; Bolzonella, M.; Tasca, L. A. M.; Lamareille, F.; Zamorani, G.; Maier, C.; Carollo, C. M.; and 29 coauthors
Extreme emission-line galaxies out to z$sim$1 in zCOSMOS-20k. I. Sample and characterization of global properties

5 2014AN....335..240G
1.00003/2014A      E  F                                                              U      
Gabler, M.; Cerdá-Durán, P.; Font, J. A.; Stergioulas, N.; Müller, E.
Modulating magnetar emission by magneto-elastic oscillations

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