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Facultad de E
conomía, 46022 Valencia. Spain

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  December 2020


  Brief CV


Rafael Doménech is Head of Economic Analysis of BBVA Research and Professor of Economics at the University of Valencia. MSc in Economics, London School of Economics. PhD in Economics, University of Valencia.

Director General at the Economic Bureau at the Spanish Prime Minister (2007-8).

He has been external consultant in the OECD, the European Commission and the Fundación de Economía Analítica. He also has been director of the International Economic Institute and member of the Advisory Board of the University of Valencia. External researcher of the Spanish Ministry of the Economy and Finance and the Fundación Rafael del Pino.

Member of Public Policy Advisory Group of UNESPA, expert of the BBVA Institute of Pensions and expert of the Santa Lucía Institute of Pensions. He was appointed by the Spanish Government as a member of the Expert Committee on the Sustainability Factor of the Public Pension System in 2013.

Fellow of the Spanish Economy Association. He has been member of the editorial boards of the main Spanish journals in Economics. He has published numerous articles in well-known international scientific journals (among others, Journal of the European Economic Association, American Economic Review, The Economic Journal or European Economic Review) on economic growth, human capital, business cycles, and fiscal and monetary policies.

He is also author of the books The Spanish Economy: A General Equilibrium Perspective (Palgrave MacMillan), En Busca de la Prosperidad y La Era de la Disrupción Digital (Ed. Deusto), jointly written with Javier Andrés.

See also my CV (long version) for further details.