PSICOLOGICA has the following review process:
1.-The Editor or associate editor receives the manuscript and takes the first decision on its appropriateness for the journal.
2.-If appropriate, two external reviewers are assigned to the manuscript according to the following cases:
2.1-Papers written in Spanish are obviously sent to people who are able to read Spanish (not necessarily of Spanish nationality).
2.2.-Papers written in English may be sent to any member of the editorial board of Spanish or nonSpanish nationality (or special outside reviewer).
3.-The action editor takes a decision taken into account his or her view of the manuscript and all the opinions of the reviewers and third persons involved in the process. This decision is sent to everybody involved in the process.
4.-If the manuscript is finally accepted (at this point is included in the IN PRINT section of this web), the author receives the proofs that must be sent back in seven days. The electronic version of the journal appears, tipically 1 month earlier than the "paper" version. This journal does not charge APCs or submission charges
5.-We also accept comments on theoretical accepted papers.
These comments will be posted electronically together with the original manuscript, and will also appear in print.