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Invitación a la presentación
Presentation of the book De neurones a galaxias at Reial Cercle Artístic de Barcelona

On Monday, September 20th at 6:00 p.m., the book De neuronas a galaxias. ¿Es el universo un holograma? by Adolfo Plasencia Diago is presented at Reial Cercle Artític de Barcelona.

Nowadays, science is more of a collaboration process than single “eureka” moments. This book publishes a series of dialogues interconnected with each other, with standout thinkers being asked to reflect on questions and key concepts that revolve around the physical world, information and intelligence, where this type of synergy and interconnection between disciplines is recreated. Said thinkers provide both specific observations and wider comments on the intellectual traditions that sorted out these questions, revealing a rich seam of ideas interacting with each other by so doing. The persistent paradox of our age is that, in a world with an unprecedented ability of accessing information, many important matters are still left unresolved.

These conversations conducted by Scientific Writer Adolfo Plasencia reflect this circumstance along with scientists and humanists tackling topics such as intelligence, conscience, global warming, energy, technology, matter, the nanocosmos, the mind, the possibility of another Earth, changing the past, art and many other issues falling within the philosophic curvature: “From neurons to galaxies, is the universe a hologram?” The dialogues address aspects of the physical world as fascinating as the quantum bit’s function, the cosmology of the primordial world or the knowledge contained in the ancient carved stone. They offer optimistic but reasoned views on technology, taking into account the culture of convergence, algorithms, the Beauty ≠ Truth inequality, the ethics of hackers, artificial intelligence and other matters.

From a diverse range of disciplines, they provide different perspectives on, e.g., intelligence by addressing aspects such as the brain’s neurophysiology, affective information, collaborative innovation and the wisdom of crowds. This volume is the “extended” Spanish version of the book “Is the Universe a Hologram? Scientists Answer the Most Provocative Questions”, published by MIT Press and Oxford University Press on their respective online platforms with a preface by Tim O’Reilly.


Date 20 september 2021 at 18:00 to 19:30. Monday.


Lloc Carrer dels Arcs 5, Reial Cercle Artític de Barcelona

Organized by

Reial Cercle Artític de Barcelona and Publicacions de la Universitat de València.



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